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PROJECT : EDUCATION / VOCATIONAL TRAINING (Sponsorships, Construction, Sports & Entertainment)

ZAYEDESA firmly supports out of school youth, girls in particular, who willingly would like to continue their skilled education by sponsoring them. Our goal is to increase their interest and access, for those, who for one reason or another, have dropped out of school and allow them a wider access to the countries planned educational system.

a) Renovation/Construction & Material Support- Schools
For a number of years ZAYEDESA has aided in renovation and construction of school buildings and has given material support in the form of school desks, computers and learning materials on both Islands. Schools have been constructed at Nungwi in the North Region of Unguja and Birikau in the Southern Region of Pemba.

This award is annually issued to encourage and empower youth in education, and was introduced and inaugurated in 2005 in partnership with Alischild Foundation of Canada.

c) Physical Health Education and Team shaping Program
In partnership with Women Without Borders (WWB), a NGO from Vienna, Austria, we conducted a swimming into the future physical health programme for women. The programme consisted of practical swimming lessons and a workshop which imparted guidelines to a healthy living. WWB and ZAYEDESA also conducted team shaping workshops with students from the two Universities of Zanzibar: in which the basic principles of working as a team were elucidated using practical examples.

d) Sports and Entertainment Promotion
ZAYEDESA has been a staunch supporter of sports such as netball, basketball and football. We have a strong long standing partnership with Zanzibar Women’s Netball Association (CHANEZA) & Basketball Association of Zanzibar (BAZA). These sports associations have also cooperated with ZAYEDESA in conducting matches during our outreach HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse programs, in various parts of the Islands. Support has been in the form of funds, kits and gears.

ZAYEDESA has supported and utilized the social musical groups of the young generation by hiring them for our HIV/Drug Abuse outreach educational programs and promote them if possible.

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