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Zanzibar is rich in coastal and marine resources, including coral reefs, mangrove and fertile land. However, pollution and commercial activities such as blast fishing with dynamite and mining coral reefs for lime threaten the fragile marine ecosystems.

ZAYEDESA conducts programmes in the community which aim at creating greater awareness of these problems and inspire action on the part of the Islands youth.

A) Malindi Fish Market
In 2002, ZAYEDESA with funding from the Government of Japan built a new fish market at Malindi, close to the main harbour of Zanzibar town. This followed the appalling state of the fish landing and selling are a close to the site of present market. The present facility which coasted Tshs. 37 million has running water, drainage systems and other essential requirements. It now accommodates 47 fishmongers.

B) Safe Water Supply
With the assistant of the United States of American Ambassadors’ Self-Help Program, safe water supply initiatives were taken in the villages of Ukongoroni, Charawe – South Unguja, Matuleni – South of Pemba and Kojani Island. Bore holes were dug and pipe lines installed to within easy reach of the homesteads. Previously the village women had to walk miles on dirt tracks caring buckets or barrels of water on their backs or on bicycles.

The project, in addition to supplying portable water, lessened the labour experienced and the time used to fetch water and allowed the village women more time to tend to their children and other important and productive chores.

C) Training for migrant fisherman
With funds from UNDP and in partnership with Chumbe Island Conservation Project (CHICOP), peer educators from ZAYEDESA conducted seminars with local fishermen from the coastal areas, who were educated on the dangers of destroying the coastal environment using dynamite fishing and unplanned harvesting of mangroves. They were also made aware of their vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and other STI’s because of the migrant notice of their occupation which keep them away from their families.

D) Healthy Environment
ZAYEDESA is fully supportive and at the forefront in mass educating and disseminating correct hygiene related information to the community. ZAYEDESA provides simple cleaning equipment and members and friends of ZAYEDESA participate with the community in sanitizing the environment, inspiring other citizens to do like wise and practice gasbags disposed at designated locations.

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