Ms. Nasra Fakih Hassan
Patron – Ufinyanzi Cooperative, Ziwani, Pemba

As a patron of the Ufinyanzi Cooperative here in Ziwani, Pemba, we have received a lot of community development support from ZAYEDESA and it started with encouraging and sensitizing women and youth in creating cooperative groups in order to create employment and income generating opportunities, and therefore the creation of this cooperative that I am the patron. The women, from various corners of the Islands gather to make a clay pots and other tourist traditional materials that help them generate income and make a living. In addition, our part of the Island has benefited from ZAYEDESA particularly in the construction of the nursery school here in Ziwani, which initially was a mud hut and is now a concrete building which has been extended into a primary level that being from standard one up to six.

As a patron and on behalf of our office we are extremely grateful; and hope ZAYEDESA help us more with capacity building and tailor made courses that would upgrade our skills and enhance development.


Ms. Shari Othman
Accountant – Tumaini Cooperative Group-Pemba

ZAYEDESA has assisted us in building our capacity by providing equipment and training in shellfish culture here in Tumaini in Pemba. Initially we only picked muscles and in small amounts as it was individual work and now with this additional know how and equipment our financial capability is growing. The returns we get is enough to be banked and later used to procure more equipments and help us sustain our homes and our childrens’ education.


Mrs. Mwanahija Ali Chumu
Member of Kujikomboa Cooperative Group

The very idea of our cooperative group started with ZAYEDESA’s initiative of encouraging our community women into collective training in shellfish culture which before was done individually. With the training and seed money for creating this cooperative society from ZAYEDESA we began buying the proper equipment and with the team work spirit and better skills our lives changed for the better. The members now are able to afford to sustain their homes and children’s education.

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